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How to Stay Positive + Motivated This Winter

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Winter has well and truly hit, and we're all starting to feel the cold. Days feel short, temperatures are low and the motivation to get out of bed in the morning can be non existent. Around this time of year, the cold, wet weather can feel like it's having a direct impact on your mood and positivity levels. As the days seem gloomier, so to can our outlook on life. However, there are a few little things you can do in order to lift your spirits and officially beat the blues this winter!

Brighten up your environment. 

Indoor plants and greenery are definitely on trend right now, so it's time to take full advantage of that. Not only can plants help to keep your indoor spaces looking fresh and alive, a touch of greenery can really help to brighten a room and bring some life to it. With grey skies outside, it's important to make sure your environment is looking and feeling positive. A few plants and flowers are a great way to bring some joy into your home or office and can really help to lift the mood.

Keep yourself busy.

As winter can make you feel like all you want to do is stay inside and curl up in bed, it's a great idea to make sure you keep yourself busy. Try out something new that you've wanted to give a go for a while, or find a new hobby. A great way to keep yourself accountable is to organise activities or workouts with a friend. That way, you can help each other motivated and help to lift each other's spirits.

Stay active.

Speaking of workouts, you may feel as if your motivation to exercise goes completely out the window once the temperature drops. Regular exercise not only helps to keep us healthy but also boosts serotonin levels (AKA the happy hormone). Whether you like to hit the gym, go to a Pilates class, or simply tale a walk in nature, exercise is a great way to improve your mood and keep yourself upbeat during winter. 

Embrace it.

As much as we'd love for things to be different, winter is here to stay (for the next couple of months). If you're truly feeling down and unmotivated in this weather, try changing your mindset and embracing it. Look at how winter gives you a chance to pull out all of your winter woolies and cosy up by the fire with a good book. It means endless cups of hot chocolate or coffee, and a chance for you to enjoy being at home in the company of family and friends. The mind is a powerful and it's up to you to see the positives. Before you know it, winter will be over and summer will be right around the corner!